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My founders forum experience has been very fulfilling. OneEleven did an incredible job of curating an extremely high quality group of founders, and the format really allows you to open up, learn and discuss important things in your life: personal, family and business. I would highly recommend it to any founder, first-timer, or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to grow as a person.

Paul Teshima


What are Founder Forums?

The OneEleven Founder Forums are an exclusive and highly curated group of tech entrepreneurs and C-levels in scaleup mode. A group of 8-10 peers will meet regularly on a confidential and judgment-free basis to learn from each other about work, relationships and personal challenges in a moderated and structured format.

Curated Groups

Highly curated groups of ambitious tech founders in scale-up mode.

Annual Retreats

A 1-2 day professionally moderated retreat. This is where the breakthroughs happen!

Private Monthly Meetings

Learn from each other about work, relationships and personal challenges. 100% confidential.

Annual Superforum

An opportunity to meet other forum members, build new skills and expand your network.


Professional Facilitation

First 3 meetings are professionally moderated, after which they become self-moderated.

Moderator Training & Support

Ongoing support, training and tools for forum moderators.

Our Moderators

Dean Hopkins

Dean Hopkins

Dean Hopkins was the Founder and CEO of Cyberplex from 1994 to 2005. Dean grew Cyberplex from 1 person to 500 people across the US and Canada with $50M in revenue. The company IPO’d to > $900M market cap in 4 years. Dean has been a Next36 Mentor, YPO Member, and a Forum moderator and member for over 16 years.

Andy Burgess

Andy Burgess

Andy Burgess is the Managing Director of Russell Square Partners, a Toronto private equity firm, that invests in small, growing Canadian companies. He co-founded Somerset Entertainment, a producer and distributor of specialty music, and was its CEO from 1994 to 2010. He is an associate for the Creative Destructive Lab, a judge for Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst & Young) and has been a YPO member since 2005.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Received $1-5M in funding or are revenue generating
  • Showing a minimum of double-digit growth
  • Have identified strong product-market fit and can demonstrate significant traction and growth
  • Want to be surrounded by some of the most ambitious founders and startup teams
  • Are looking to expand their networks and make deeper connections
  • Have a track record of leading a successful company
  • Are willing to learn from and add value to the group

Our Founder Forum Network

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